April 3, 2017

Incy Wincy Challenge " Recipe "

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It is challenge time again over at Incy Wincy Challenge Blog, this week the theme is

1 image
2 different papers
3 embellishments (can be 3 of the same or 3 different.... ribbon and or twine isnt counted unless bows etc) 

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March 22, 2017

"Dream Fresh Beginnings Canvas" Path of Positivity Challenge

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I was so inspired by the theme behind Path of Postivity Challenge yesterday I thought I would do  a canvas, something totally different than I usually do.
People sometimes write out quotes that inspire them and pin them to the fridge or wall and I have even seen a post it on a steering wheel once,  but the main goal is so we don't forget what resonated with us from those words and in those words come a new beginning, soul development if you will. 
I love the quote on my canvas from T.S. Eliot because I had a friend ask me a question when I was disappointed with a friend of mine, he said " If each time when you meet your friend, you had a  clear mind, would there be any judgments of any sort, rather she is beautiful and brave or careless and a thief , what do you think will happen?
  I was confused and said NOTHING! He said no you would be looking with fresh eyes and she would just be. Pass no judgment good or bad, just remember every moment is a fresh beginning, nothing is ever permanent. If you are happy , remember that is not permanent either as well as sad, confused, frustrated etc..it all comes to an end unless you hold on to it with judgement that effects you, emotion is created through thought , it attaches itself.
  Just be I asked? But I am still missing a ring!  
We are only human so our pattern of thinking continues.
He said  Yes that is unfortunate but it IS what it IS, it IS missing... what benefit is it to you if you worry , cast judgments and make your mind miserable and possibly loose a really good friend?

 Of course I am still balking at the idea and thought a really good friend wouldn't take it .

 So I entertained these wise words for my minds sake as it was making me sick and I had a cloud over me so  the next time I saw her I pretended it was the first time we had met, fresh eyes, and continued this for a couple of weeks, it wasn't too hard but I was suprised how trained my mind was.
During one of our fun outing together my friend mentioned her daughter borrowed my ring and meant to tell me about it and she feels miserable because it took so long for her to mention it.  

By this time I had managed thorough practice , gently nudging my mind in another direction when I did think of the ring and bam! I got my ring back but more importantly I didn't carry the ill thoughts I had in the beginning throughout those couple of weeks and spared my mind and soul of the heaviness it had by looking at every moment as a fresh beginning! Even if I didn't get the ring back my mind was still being trained in a much healthier way and I was on my way living without a ring that I could have allowed to taint me. The End

Here is my project!  I hope you all can get something out of my story as it applies to every aspect of our lives and truly changes your whole outlook on life, you start living!  

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Have a beautiful day and remember Every Moment is a FRESH Beginning!
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